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Winter Serenity Banner KIT - Product Image
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Winter Serenity Banner KIT

Paint this charming stone church nestled in a serene winter setting using this step-by-step painting tutorial. The uniquely elegant banner surface  and  two-layer dimensional hanger  make this a one of a kind work of art.

Your Winter Serenity painting kit bundle includes.
  • One Winter Serenity electronic tutorial item #e344. 
  • One precut banner surface
  • Four brads (you only need three but we've included a spare--just in case you lose one)
  • One dual-layer Snowflake Hanger
  • One package of Hot-fix Crystals (to adorn the snowflakes on the banner and/or hanger--color will vary)
  • One Snowflake Masque stencil

Price: $36.79 

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