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Uptown Hound - Product Image
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Uptown Hound

Every creative fashionista should be sporting this duo. Classic houndstooth provides the backdrop for a stylish palette and trio of brushes. Quick & Easy with two 5x7 photos, this printed tutorial features our Splat! Cafe Skin™ and our hanging cell/mp3 pouch with a painterly theme.

Proper surface preparation is imperative when painting on raw canvas (including roclon).  Check out these guidelines for surface preparation before tackling your next project. 

This printed tutorial is item no. 293. 

Cafe Skins™ are intended for decorative purposes and provide no insulating properties. Please use over the cardboard sleeve provided at the coffee shop. To create an eco-friendly version (to replace the cardboard sleeve) simply line the Cafe Skin™ with felt. Allow plain cut edges of the liner to extend above and below the canvas sleeve for an extra splash of color. The felt liner can be glued in place using RB Stenciling Gel or attached with or Double-stick Craft Tape.

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