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Tri-tab Fussy Cut Banner - Product Image
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Tri-tab Fussy Cut Banner

Precut Roclon Surface

A wonderfully unique canvas banner provides the perfect surface for your work of art!

Approximate size 6" x 18".

Surface designed & created in the USA!

Preparing Canvas

Roclon has a fine texture weave that doesn't interfere with detailed painting the way a coarse canvas might. The only drawback is that it does have a linty surface which shows up in detailed paintings. I have found that using Primocoat™ hardens the lint and allows me to sand it away using a fine sanding pad leaving a beautifully prepared surface ready for any type of medium. I wouldn't use Roclon without the base that Primocoat™ provides. Once primed, Roclon is a terrific surface that doesn't curl the way some canvas is apt to do. Because the canvas readily absorbs the primer, a single coat is adequate.

Price: $3.50 

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