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Tic Tac Toe Game Mat - Product Image
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Tic Tac Toe Game Mat

Reversible Surface

Two precision-cut layers make this surface easy to paint and then assemble. Use the larger layer (shown white) to paint a decorative table centerpiece then adhere the game layout (shown green) to the underside. Flip the table mat over to play.

The overall size of the surface is approximately 10" x 10".  Surface designed & created in the USA!

Game Pieces-sold separately--Two options follow

X's & O's: These 1/4" thick stylized X's andO's are like no other and lend a touch of class to the reversible gameboard surface. Sold below.

Reversibles: As an alternative to the game pieces shown we offer a set of nine canvas discs that fit the spaces of the tic tac toe board. Paint the opposite sides of the discs with different motifs so that either player can use them.

Price: $6.50 
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