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Thick Gilding & Dry Mount Adhesive | Gilded Stenciling Adhesive  - Product Image
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Thick Gilding & Dry Mount Adhesive | Gilded Stenciling Adhesive

Waterbased gold leaf & dry mount adhesive. Securely bonds. Does not cause paper to buckle.  Developed for use with stencils to create detailed, gilded designs. Adhesive bonds when dry (it will become clear). 

PH neutral (better than acid-free), Easy clean, no-bleed gold leafing adhesive for use with stencils and stamps! A four-ounce bottle of super-thick gilding adhesive for use with all leafing. Effective on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Our stenciling adhesive can be substituted for regular leafing adhesive. To do this, thin the needed amount with water (do not exceed 40% water) for a variety of uses. This formula produces a stronger bond and fewer breaks in coverage than other brands of regular leafing adhesive.

Our Gilded Stenciling Adhesive is perfect for dry mounting paper and fabric!  Watch the video  to see how this is done.  (note: This is the same adhesive as shown in the video.  We are now selling it in larger bottles than the one shown.)

Made in the USA 

Price: $9.95 

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