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Solid Cherry Work Table - Product Image
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Solid Cherry Work Table


 This table is designed for use in front of a chair or sofa but the open span of the legs also fits over some radiators to create a shelf.  We store ours over a radiator in the living room so it is out of the way but remains nearby when a work surface is needed. It is also tall enough to look attractive behind a sofa. The top is a gentle arc that allows for the table to come in over the arms of a chair and bring the work surface closer.

This beauty is a bargain due to a couple of blemishes.  There is a thin split in the paint above the pumkin that has been there since shortly after this table was painted.  It has never increased in size nor come loose.  It could be due to an underlying imperfection or just a failure in the top coat.  When the table is viewed from a normal distance it is not noticable.  Near the banding on the left side of the table there is mar in the varnish.  Perhaps this could be fixed by a skilled furniture restorer.  It is easliy disguised with the strategic placement of a small decorative accessory.  Both flaws are pictured close-up in one of the photos.

Table Dimensions: Top: 11" x 38", Height: 28" Footprint: 38" x 14" 

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