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RB Primocoat - Product Image
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RB Primocoat

Artist-quality, multi-surface, opaque primer. RB Primocoat is non-toxic, has low VOC’s, is sandable and tintable! Simply roll, sponge or brush onto your surface. RB Primocoat bonds with wood, metal, tile, glass, canvas, plastic & more! Better than gesso, RB Primocoat is an artist’s dream.

Why Primocoat? Primocoat is a resin-based acrylic primer so it bonds with almost all surfaces.  I have used it successfully on glazed porcelain, finished and raw wood, masonite, etched and plain glass, metalware, canvas and plastic.  It is highly pigmented so that it provides excellent coverage.  It is sandable and tintable and can be brushed, rolled or sponged onto the surface.  Be sure to test it on a hidden area when priming plastic as there are many types of plastic and I have not tested them all.  -RB 

 COLOR: Black 

Price: $9.95 

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