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RB Classique(TM) Angles - Product Image Click for larger image

RB Classique(TM) Angles

RB Classique™ brushes, an exclusive brush line designed by Rebecca, are a unique blend of natural and synthetic hair that provides more softness and absorbency than a purely synthetic brush. The synthetic bristles provide the control needed to manipulate any stroke as desired, while the natural bristles carry the necessary load to follow through without running out of paint.

Our Classique™ brushes are made with acrylic handles; no swelling, loose ferrules or peeling paint. Image shows all four sizes for comparison.


For "floating", Rebecca prefers an angular brush that is comprised of both natural and synthetic hairs. Although suitable for general use with a variety of mediums our RB Classique™ angles were developed specifically for this purpose. The brush also works exceptionally well for glazing using a blending medium.  

Don't be misinformed. Many brushes can "look" the same, i.e., having an angular cut or a particular type of handle. Hair content is what gives a brush its characteristics and makes it perform in a certain way. Most brushes commonly used for floating are purely synthetic and float as well as a plastic bag. If you struggle with floating or blending your brush may be the culprit.

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