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RB Au Sec(TM) Brushes - Product Image

RB Au Sec(TM) Brushes

Pronounced Au (long "O" sound) Sec (sek with a short e sound) It is actually a French cooking term. Given Rebecca's proclivity for cooking, it seemed the perfect fit. Read on to see how it relates to painting!

The name says it all. Au sec translates as “with dryness” which describes this brush technique perfectly. The RB Au Sec™ brush is a full bodied, tapered arc that allows you to drybrush broad areas using the flat of the brush while also enabling you to access the most minute spaces by simply turning the brush on it’s side. The gently tapered tip reduces the occurrence of harsh lines and permits you to work closer to the perimeter of an object without creating a hazy edge. The Au Sec™ brush is composed of a unique combination of golden taklon and firm natural white bristles. This hair combination provides the perfect suppleness and flexibility to apply paint readily without allowing excess contact with the surface. These brushes are made with acrylic handles, no swelling, loose ferrules or peeling paint. This brush series works equally well for drybrushing and wet-on-wet blending.

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