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Palm Tree Silhouette Mat - Product Image
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Palm Tree Silhouette Mat

Created from our Omni Artboard™ this mat is embellished with graceful palm fronds.  It is well suited for any coastal or tropical-themed design as well as Easter! Fits a standard frame. Suitable for horizontal or vertical display the mat is reversible and can be rotated or flipped to the potion best suited to the artwork.

Omni Artboard™ is a waterproof, thin (1/16"), flexible, lightweight, paintable, mixed-media surface. Prepare with one to two coats of Primocoat for a secure bond with the surface.  Once primed, Omni Artboard is suitable for any medium.

Mat designed & created in the USA! 

Size: 11" X 14"

 The macaw design is by colored pencil artist Janelle Johnson.

Price: $11.95 

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