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Garden Snails On-The-Go Stencil | ST-509 - Product Image Click for larger image

Garden Snails On-The-Go Stencil | ST-509

A pair of snails on-the-go. Great for garden-themed projects or even a playful serving ensemble for escargot!

Approximate image sizes follow.

ST-509L: Upper snail 5"h x 4-3/4"w Lower snail 3"h x 6-3/8w. Large stencils are well suited for home decor: walls and furniture as well as fabric applications.

ST-509M: Upper snail 3-3/4"h x 3-1/4"w Lower snail 2-1/2"h x 4-3/4"w. Medium stencils are useful for painted accent pieces, pillow covers, decorative painting and paper crafts.

ST-509S: Upper snail 2-1/2"h x 2-1/4"w Lower snail 1-3/4"h x 3-1/4"w. Small stencils are ideal for note cards, paper crafts, scrapbooking, home decor borders and small accent items.

Add some frills; create snail- trails using the wisps & waves set (ST-507).

Made in the USA

Price: $6.95 

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