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Floorcloth with Medallion Applique - Product Image
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Floorcloth with Medallion Applique

Versatile Surface

This two-part surface is just the right size for a table mat or floorcloth. The elaborate scroll layer arrives unattached from the background layer allowing you to paint it prior to assembly, which results in crisp, clean lines. RB Clearly Elegant Stenciling Gel is necessary to assemble the layers.

Approximate (finished) size: 18" x 24".

Surface designed & created in the USA!

The applique layer is pre-cut. The base layer is an uncut piece larger than the projected finished size to allow for your own creative interpretation. A suggested cut is shown. Artful Inspiration: The medallion applique can also be adhered (with RB Clearly Elegant Stenciling Gel) to other surfaces such as wood to create a stunning clock face! Featured in Dec. 2012 PaintWorks magazine: "Merry & Bright".

Preparing Canvas

Roclon has a fine texture weave that doesn't interfere with detailed painting the way a coarse canvas might. The only drawback is that it does have a linty surface which shows up in detailed paintings. I have found that using Primocoat™ hardens the lint and allows me to sand it away using a fine sanding pad leaving a beautifully prepared surface ready for any type of medium. I wouldn't use Roclon without the base that Primocoat™ provides. Once primed, Roclon is a terrific surface that doesn't curl the way some canvas is apt to do. Because the canvas readily absorbs the primer, a single coat is adequate.

Price: $12.95 

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