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Fanciful Ornament Kits | Surfaces - Product Image
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Fanciful Ornament Kits | Surfaces

Choose your favorite styles and get exactly the parts you need! These innovative ornaments use a variety of components to create twenty-eight different variations from simple to sublime.

Choose your Kit: Check out this PDF to make your selections. The drop-down menu below lists each kit as shown on the PDF and identified by I, II, III, and so on through XXVIII. The same PDF also serves as your guide for assembly. -Or- create your own variations using our ornament components and embellishment multipacks.

Assembly: Masonite components should be assembled using RB Gel, which bonds with acrylic paint so layers can be assembled either before, during, or after painting. Embellishments can be mounted in the same manner. Alternatively, for added dimension, the embellishments can be mounted using foam adhesive squares. Do not rely on the embellishments to provide structural integrity to the assembly. Masonite parts should be connected by other means such as jump rings, ribbon, wire or twine where they are not mounted directly on top of one anoher and secured with gel.

Approximate size

Large hearts 4-1/4" x 3" | Small hearts 2-1/4" x 2-1/4"

Depending on availability, surface material may be masonite or wood.


Made in America

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