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Egg-shaped Ornament with Dimensional Embellishment - Product Image
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Egg-shaped Ornament with Dimensional Embellishment

Reversible Surface

Egg-shaped masonite ornament with Omni Artboard (OAB) embellishment.  Choose from two embellishment styles to best complement the design you choose for the ornament.  The ornaments are sold individually with your choice of embellishment.  The ornament is shown with a single embellishment attached to the front of the ornament.  The ornament can be ordered with two matching embellishments if you would like to use one for the back as well.  To create dimension as shown adhere the embellishment(s) using foam adhesive squares.  You may have to cut the adhesive squares to hide them from view.   

Depending on availability, surface material may be masonite or wood. 

Price: $4.50 

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