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Custom Brad Kit - Product Image
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Custom Brad Kit

Create custom-matched brads in minutes!

Never resort to using brads that don't perfectly match your project! This custom brad kit contains 12 unfinished canvas brads that you personalize to make your brads your own. Rebecca uses these to accessorize her (roclon) canvas banners. When using brads it is helpful to also have the spring punch for creating uniform holes. Surface designed & created in the USA!

Color combinations used for the pictured  sample brads.

(listed in the order pictured)

D=Disc R=Rosette A=Antiquing


  • Gold: D-Trad. Raw Sienna, R-Golden Straw, A-Trad. Raw Umber
  • Antique Gold: D-Antq. Gold Dp., R-Camel, A-Soft Black
  • Bronze: D-Charcoal Grey, R-Antq. Gold Dp, A-Soft Black
  • Silver: D-Driftwood, R-Driftwood+White, A-Neutral Grey
  • Antique Silver: D-Neutral Grey, R-Driftwood, A-Black
  • Pewter: D-Charcoal Grey + Drftwd, R-Driftwood, A-Char. Grey
  • Cast Iron: D-Charcoal Grey, R-Neutral Grey, A-Black
  • Copper: D-Lt. Cinnamon, R-Gingerbread, A-Soft Black


As easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 Paint the disc & rosette with contrasting colors. Tip: To work the paint into the crevices apply it with a #1 RB Artiste™ Stenciler.

2 Mount rosette with Rebecca Baer® Gel*. Tip: Make sure the back is covered w/gel and press the rosette in place. Pounce over the rosette with a #1 RB Artiste™ Stenciler remove excess gel from the crevices and to coat the entire unit with gel. *Rebecca Baer® Clearly Elegant Stenciling Gel.

3 Antique & Assemble Tip: Work the paint into the crevices with a #1 RB Artiste™ Stenciler. Dab with a paper towel to remove excess. Insert the brad.

Custom brads are versatile! The canvas discs and rosettes can be sewn or glued in place to decorate items where you do not wish to use a metal brad. A bead or gem can be stitched or glued in the center hole when used in this manner.

Price: $4.00 

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