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Creative Stenciling Techniques Vol. II - Product Image
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Creative Stenciling Techniques Vol. II


Beyond the Basics! One volume is just not enough to cover all of the practical applications for using Simply Elegant Stencils™ by Rebecca Baer. There is now a sequel to the first booklet. This publication is black & white booklet covering an expanded assortment of techniques using stencils from 

Topics include, but are not limited to, stenciling variations using paint, such as layering, shading, highlighting, gradients and multi-hue stenciling; Gel Effects™, such as crystal clear embossing, colorant ratios, translucent, iridescent, metallic and pearlescent embossing, bead techniques, faux leather, dimensional gilding and dimensional flocking; flocked stenciling, gilded stenciling and more! The information contained is applicable to all stencils from Rebecca Baer CDA. 18 pages, soft cover.

Price:   $9.50 

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