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Cafe Skin(TM) Awareness - Product Image
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Cafe Skin(TM) Awareness

Cafe Skin™ Precut Roclon Surface

Show your colors! The ribbons cut into the bottom edge of this cup sleeve (and the coordinating accessory pouches) can be painted in any color allowing you to customize the ribbons to bring attention to your cause.  

Inspirations  The second image shows the awareness ensemble painted and stenciled in warm pinks and trimmed with tiny roses. 

Important: The Cafe Skin™ is intended for decorative purposes and provides no insulating properties. Please use over the cardboard sleeve provided at the coffee shop. To create an eco-friendly version (to replace the cardboard sleeve) simply line the Cafe Skin™ with felt. Allow plain cut edges of the liner to extend above and below the canvas sleeve for an extra splash of color. The felt liner can be glued in place using RB Stenciling Gel or attached with our 1/4" double-stick craft tape.

Surface designed & created in the USA! 

Price: $3.25 

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