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Blessings Cards Kit | PaintWorks 2014 - Product Image
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Blessings Cards Kit | PaintWorks 2014

This kit includes two stamps plus the consumables* necessary to create the cards shown.  Kit items are discounted.

*The consumables in the kit include the watercolor paper, Arabesque kraft accents (2), cardstock and baker's twine needed to complete the cards as shown.  This is enough to create both cards plus have paper and cardstock leftovers for another use.  Additional consumable sets can be added without duplicating the stamps.

Toned hues of red-violet and yellow-green provide the subtle backdrop for a brilliant pop of watercolor. Incorporating a splash of painting makes each handmade card unique and a special treasure for the recipient. The fast & fun nature of these cards will have you sharing Thanksgiving greetings near and far. Instructions for these cards can be found in the October 2014 issue of PaintWorks magazine. 

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