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Acrylic Grids - Product Image
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Acrylic Grids

Rigid acrylic grids marked in 1/8" increments along the perimeter. The grids allow you to align stamp images, which is especially helpful for keeping text straight. Besides being an acrylic stamp carrier it can also be used as a compact ruler or with a quilter's cutting wheel. Each grid is 1/4" thick.

The 3" x 3" grid has lines at half-inch intervals extending the full length and width of the grid. This grid also acts as a centering ruler with "0" at the midpoint of each side.  

The 4" x 6" grid has lines at one-inch intervals extending the full length and width of the grid and more closely spaced lines along two edges. These are especially helpful when you want to trim a small strip of cardstock.

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