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:|: Salvation Army Private Event  | Artisan Paper Creations :|:  - Product Image
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:|: Salvation Army Private Event | Artisan Paper Creations :|:

Spend a couple of hours having fun and creating this trio of Christmas-themed cards.  Consumable materials such as cardstock, twine, embossing powder, adhesives and stamps are provided.  Colors may vary due to availability.

Each participant receives two stamps to keep! You will receive the Elf Boot  stamp along with either the Luke 2:11  stamp or the Four Kings  stamp.  There will be an equal number of these distributed; you may not pre-select.*

Please bring the following items if you have them.  We do have some of these on hand that we keep for class use but anyone who brings their own will help the class to progress more smoothly with less need for sharing.  

  • Small scissors 
  • Acrylic stamping grid
  • Heat gun (aka heat embossing tool)
  • Please indicate on checkout whether or not you will be bringing any of these items.  Please specify which items you are bringing so we can plan accordingly. Thanks! 
*Please register ASAP as it takes several week to get stamps if we need to order. While you will still get to make the cards shown, later registrations will receive stamps to keep other than those listed above if it is too late for us to order more.  
Date Wed., September 17
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM 
Tuition & Materials: $30.00
Genre:  Artisan Paper Creations | Project Oriented 

Registration for a workshop serves to confirm that you have read and agree to all studio policies

Price: $30.00 

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