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Deco Art Mediums

  • Canvas Gel Created to extend the drying time of acrylic paints and allow them to be blended like oils, Canvas gel is useful to prevent paint drying and clumping in small dry brushes.
  • Brush 'n Blend Extender Extends the drying time of paint.  Liquid consistency; do not use to prevent paint drying and clumping in dry brushes.
  • Easy Float Use Easy Float in your water to facilitate linework, floating, and blending on most surfaces.
  • Faux Glazing Medium Mix with acrylic paint to increase transparancy or overcoat dry paint to protect completed layers. 
  • Multi-Purpose Sealer A waterbased sealer that works on a variety of surfaces and can be used alone or mixed with paint for basecoating. When applied to the edges of tape, it helps create crisp, clean lines with no paint bleed. Can also be used as a substitute for Faux Glazing Medium.

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